Powerful Analytics

Base Your Marketing Decisions on Sound Intelligence

Actionable Analytics. Repeatable Results.

  1. Distinct
    So often, marketing data is so multi-layered
  2. Quantifiable
    Pursue successful marketing strategies with the data to support your efforts. Gauge sentiment, traction of campaigns and find the true champions of your cause with profile, campaign and market analytics.
  3. Attainable
    Inform supporters of local events happening in their area. With the help of geolocation, pick your spot on the map and push your message to your customer’s phone.
  4. Applicable
    iOS or Android? How about both. Reach your audience on their phones, tablets or desktop device with our digital solutions platform.
  5. Time-Based
    Capitalize on the emotional appeal of your cause by propagating your message on the platform your supporters prefer. Choose what works for you and allow your supporters to make micro-donations to campaigns, RSVP to events and spread your message.
  6. Actionable
    Not technically inclined? No problem. We can manage and provide coordinated strategic direction to any marketing campaign. Through our knowledge of multi-channel communications, gaining traction in your market has never been easier.